Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Norway Today

Since the great migration of the late 19th century, the Norwegian-American’s have had a long and storied history of publishing newspapers and magazines that kept the community unified and informed about their home country. Over the past century this has included publications, like the Norwegian-American, Den Norsk Amerikaner, and Viking magazine. These publications, and countless others, were part of a proud tradition and today there’s a new chapter unfolding before us, called Norway Today.

The Norwegian Embassy in the U.S. is now offering free access to Norway Today, its magazine about contemporary Norwegian culture, society, economy and public policy. The magazine, which highlights Norwegian culture in the U.S., is available both as a free app and as a Digimag, which can be read online.
I’ve been reading the Embassy’s publication for a number of years and this is truly their best offering yet. The current issue has a wonderful introduction from HM Queen Sonja, articles on Norwegian architecture, design and literature, as well as an in-depth feature on energy production in Norway.

So, if you’ve already devoured the current issue of Viking magazine I highly recommend you visit the embassy’s website to view this great publication! It is carrying on the great traditions of educational and informative content for the Norwegian-American community.

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