Wednesday, January 16, 2013

118 Years and Still Going Strong!

Today marks a very special occasion for Sons of Norway members throughout North America and Norway because it is the 118th anniversary of our founding!

On this day in 1895, 18 Norwegian immigrants living in Minneapolis MN came together began a mutual assistance group to protect their families in times of tragedy and loss. Their founding principles were to protect the members of their community in difficult times, similar to a program they had access to back in Norway.

Since then we have grown into a $325million international Fraternal Life Insurance company with nearly 400 lodges throughout the U.S., Canada and Norway. Just as important, we are now the largest organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Norwegian heritage and culture. This is thanks in large part to the dedication and hard work of our members around the world. Their hard work to bring heritage programming to their communities and the great volunteer work they do play a significant role in the organization’s success yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Since this is a time of celebration, please join me in congratulating Sons of Norway and its members worldwide for all the great work they do on this special day!

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