Friday, September 14, 2012

Show Your Heritage This Christmas!

Christmas is a joyous time of year when people come together in good cheer and celebrate family traditions. For many in the Sons of Norway family, that means celebrating their Norwegian heritage.  For that reason, I’m happy to announce that we are releasing the official 2012 limited edition commemorative Christmas ornament for sale, beginning today!

This year’s ornament beautifully displays an American-Rogaland style of rosemaling, which was inspired and developed by Vi Thode of Stoughton, Wisconsin, after studying with Norwegian master painter Bergljot Lunde.

Subtle shading going from very dark to very light on each segment of the design demands excellent brush control and symmetrical precision not found in other styles of painting from Norway.  Bright colors were used on dark backgrounds in various shades of blue, red, yellow and green that harmonized with each other and the background.  The shading, cross-hatching, colorful tulips and bonnet flowers, and lots of teardrops are very common in most designs making this style very pleasing to view.  

Remember, this year’s ornament is a limited edition and it will sell out fast, so don’t wait to place your orders. To get your own ornament, or to purchase them as gifts for your friends and family, all you have to do is call 800-945-8851.

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