Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Headhunters" Hits U.S. Theaters

The May issue of Viking features our interview with actor Aksel Hennie, star of "Headhunters," the highest grossing Norwegian film to date. Based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø, the movie opened in select U.S. theaters in April and is currently playing in many cities around the country. Check your local listings to find a screening in your area.

In the movie, Hennie plays Roger, Norway's most accomplished corporate headhunter, who subsidizes his extravagant lifestyle by stealing art on the side. When Roger meets a former mercenary with an extremely valuable painting, he risks everything to get his hands on it, and goes from hunter to a hunted man himself. The Viking team had the opportunity to preview the film this spring and it earned an unqualified thumbs up from all of us! Check out the trailer here.

Nesbø fans will be pleased to know that another one of his bestsellers is currently being made into a movie. Academy award-winning director Martin Scorsese will direct "The Snowman," the seventh in Nesbø's series featuring detective Harry Hole. You can read more about it in the April issue of Viking!

Amy Boxrud is editor of Viking magazine. She lives with her family in Northfield, Minn., where she’s a member of Nordmarka 1-585.

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