Friday, September 9, 2011

Ready! Set! Study!

If you've been keeping up with Viking magazine, then you probably read the great article, called "Ready, Set, Study!" in the September issue. For those that haven't read it yet, it's a great resource for learning about educational exchange programs in Norway for both young students as well as those looking to attend a college program overseas.

For the article Viking photographed three students, Kristina Boe, Danielle Taylor and Solina Bressler, who all attended the Oslo International Summer School this year thanks to Sons of Norway Foundation grants. The reason I mention this is that we've learned that Danielle has been keeping a blog and writing about her time studying at the OISS.

It makes for some great reading and gives a great insiders-view of the the program. If you've ever thought about participating in the program, or wanted to see how the Sons of Norway Foundation makes real and significant impacts in the lives of young people, I definitely recommend you take a look at what Danielle has to say.

Also, don't forget that the next week we begin our blog coverage of the Sons of Norway Presidential Tour as well as the Norwegian Experience winner's trip to Norway. Over the course of following 12 days the blog will bring you daily posts about what our International President, Dan Rude, and Norwegian Experience winner, Nancy Madson, are up as they both explore all the wonder that Norway has to offer!

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