Tuesday, December 1, 2009

24 days til Christmas!

Greetings everyone! I hope you all survived the Thanksgiving holiday and family celebrations unscathed! With November out of the way, I'm willing to bet that lots of you have started putting up your Christmas decorations (shame on those of you who started before Thanksgiving!) at home. Well in celebration of the season, I want to point you to the My Little Norway blog. They have a great post about Christmas in Norway, which I think everyone ought to read!


Lazenby Family News said...

Dear Mr. Evans, I found your blog about culture and traditions of Norway and hope you can point me in the right direction for help.

My husband's family is from Norway. There has been extensive genealogy done and almost all of the family were born and raised in the county of Nord Trondelag, Steinkjer. I have really no idea how to pronounce the area even though we have family recordings.

My daughter will be going to an old American Norwegian settlement (small town in Manti,Utah) and attending a college near there. There are often Norwegian celebrations and I would like to try and make a bunad for her ancestor's Norwegian region.

There were many children in my husband's family and the oldest daughter received Grandmother's bunad from Norway. I have the colors and style but cannot afford to buy a bunad (almost $2500.00) and afford her college fees, also. I am proficient seamstress and have my willing mother that does excellent embroidery.

I've really searched for weeks and have many pictures of the original bunad. My daughter tried on a festival bunad for dancing and is so excited about attending her college with her "Happy Ancestral DNA Cells" I wanted to surprise her at the end of the winter/spring semester with her folk dress from her ancestor's homeland. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your blog.

Here's my Norwegian blog entries:



This last blog post has the nursery rhyme that was said many, many times over my mother-in-law's lifetime. It's toward the end of the post. My children all love it also. It's called: Pannaben

Regards, Susan Wellman Lazenby

Marie said...

Hello Erik!
Cool blog you've got there. This might be of interest to you - a site with much info about Norway in general, and Østfold in particular. As recommended on The Guardian's travel website in the UK last month.
Best, and God Jul!