Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Lefse Time!

Just a week left until Thanksgiving, which is called Lefse day at my house! Now I've never made my own lefse before, but I am considering it this year--if I have enough time. If I do, then I'll probably use the video below to help with the recipe. I thought all you readers might enjoy it as well.

Have fun!


Mexican Viking said...

My wife makes lefse all the time and we've been giving it a mexican spin to it.
We get the carbonada (sp?) and put it in the lefse with hot sauce, cheese and lettuce and it rocks. Melting of cultures.

MJ said...

I'm not sure you can make it from a video. I was taught the dough (potatoes + flour) have to have the right "feel". You can't exactly measure the flour because sometimes the potatoes are wetter than other times. You can come help my family make it.

Brenda Ann Elizabeth McKinney said...

Interesting blandning with the mekikansk mat!

I used to work at CLV's Norwegian Village, Skogfjorden, and we'd make lefse a lot. I think one of the tricks is making sure the potatoes are really smooth - the "feel" is a smoother dough, so you might want to add more milk or flour depending on the consistency. You don't necessarily need a lefse iron, either - a flat pan or large flat grill will work; sort of like making crepes (or other thin pancakes, like some Swedish pancake recipes).

A lefse stick helps a lot for flipping, too, and love lefse with butter and a little sugar :)

Erik Evans said...

MJ: Great point. I thought the video was good enough to at least take some of the fear out of trying to make your own lefse.

Brenda: Good points on how to get around needing the Lefse iron!