Monday, September 7, 2009

What Does Your Lodge Do for Retention?

Today we have a new post from Nichole, our Membership Coordinator. Enjoy!

We take a little break today from our regular news of Norway (and Sons of Norway) to address an important topic within the organization: member retention. With the recent issue of the September Viking and the Fall Recruitment Blitz campaign, Fall of 2009 is turning into All Things Membership. Of course, as Membership Coordinator, I think a renewed focus and energy on that topic can only encourage and revitalize our organization.

To address the above question, I’ve provided a few ideas on member retention. Please post what does work for your lodge here in the comments section. Even better, take those comments to the members section of the website and check out the message boards. This area will serve as a sounding board for new program ideas and a way to champion your own lodge success directly to other members.

Member Satisfaction
Are your members happy with the direction of the lodge? You only know if you ask them. Consider doing a survey or a separate townhall meeting to address the lodge’s present and future. Adaptable surveys are available at

Welcoming New Members
What is the very first interaction potential and new members have with your lodge? Does someone greet them and make sure they have a buddy throughout the first few meetings? First impressions create lasting ones, so make sure your lodge puts its best foot forward. Consider forming a lodge welcoming committee, or send out new member packets. Do call members as soon as they join to welcome them and inform them about upcoming events.

Keep Members Engaged
It is important that your lodge conveys just how important members are. Make sure they’re engaged, feel comfortable and are up to speed on all the Norwegian-ness for which they’ve just signed up! Extend volunteer opportunities, introduce them to members who may have been absent and make sure they on email and newsletter lists so they can attend all the events. Haven’t heard from a member for awhile? Give ‘em a ring. They’ll be glad to hear from you!

Don’t forget to check the message boards and even this blog for updates on membership ideas.

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