Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today in History: Ingvar Ambjørnsen-Haefs

Today is the 53rd birthday for the famous Norwegian author, Ingvar Ambjørnsen-Haefs. Doesn't sound familiar to you? Well he's the guy who wrote the books Utsikt til paradiset, Fugledansen, Brødre i blodet and Elsk meg i morgen.

Still doesn't ring a bell?

What if I told you that those four books comprise the "Elling Trilogy" (nevermind the fact that a trilogy is technically supposed to be three)? Getting warmer? Yeah, Ingvar is the guy who wrote the story that eventually became the 2001 Oscar nominated movie, Elling. The story is a very quirky, fun and emotional one that most people would enjoy. In fact, when the film was released here in the U.S. the Sons of Norway hosted a premiere at the Lagoon Cinema in the fashionable Uptown Neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN.

Also, for those who have already seen the Norwegian version of the film there were plans as late as 2004 for an English version to be filmed. At the time Kevin Spacey was attached to produce and to play the title role. Unfortunatley, due to a number of issues that film was not to be. Too bad.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the Norwegian version, which I highly reccomend, call the Sons of Norway HQ and ask for Colin in the Media Lending Library. He can help you check out Elling, or one of our many other films, for a lodge event.

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